Nerves betray a diner from ‘First Dates’ in the middle of a date: ‘This is disgusting’

Maria Jose has arrived’First Dates‘ with a very clear goal: “I’m looking for a partner to share things, to travel with. To share life, but not the daily life of a couple”. With these requests, the show crew offered a date to Rubén, someone they hoped would like it, but it didn’t work out.

But the truth is that Rubén didn’t start with the right foot: “I am a golden bachelor”, That was his first sentence, something that didn’t please his partner already. “This scares me because I don’t know if he knows because he wants to or because he has no other choice. Dangerous,” he said, questioning his celibacy.

In response, Rubén admitted that she was the mother of a 14-year-old boy who she didn’t like: “I admit it, but I know deep down that she’s going to spend more time with her son sensibly and sensibly because it’s normal. I want her to be single and childless.” For herself, she assured him she didn’t see him as “mature for her age. She’s childish”.

Despite their differences, Rubén insisted that she was looking for a serious relationship and replied, “You can’t call those either, if they show up, they’ll come out.” This answer made the diner nervous, which was starting to sweat noticeably: “I’ve never seen anyone sweat so often. It’s making me a little sick”Confessed.

In the end, he admitted that there was no spark at dinner, but he justified it as well. he wasn’t his “female prototype” and having a son put me off. I’m looking for a girl with no kids and a slightly wider range.” At the moment of final decision, he sent her a hint to make it clear that they wouldn’t be in a relationship again: “Whoever wants to can do it, and rest is the excuse. The child is not a hindrance”.

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