Man arrested for sexually abusing an employee in Vizcaya

The National Police detained a man who ran a shop in Biscayan’s towns of Durango and Portugalete. He allegedly harassed one of his employeesHe offered 20 thousand Euros to have a child and 5 thousand Euros if he did not report it to the police.

Man and his partner were arrested violate workers’ rights.

The investigation began in early June when a woman of Chinese nationality came to the Basque Country’s Chief Police Headquarters and told immigration experts that she had been working in the Durango market for more than two years without an employment contract. and without fulfilling workers’ rights. In this sense, He said he knew other foreign citizens were working at his workplace without permission. residence or job.

He also told the inspectors that he had spent the night in an apartment owned by one of the business owners and had touched her sexually on more than one occasion. Also, this businessman He even offered her 20,000 euros if she agreed to have children with him. He also explained in his story that when this man realized that he was determined to report the events to the Police, he even offered him 5,000 euros not to do so.

Given the gravity of the events, agents granted him protected witness status and launched an investigation, which revealed that the businessman was a Chinese national, and a Chinese national who, together with his wife, who was also Chinese, managed two bazaars in Durango and Portugalete. .

Investigators made two inspection visits with labor inspectors on 14 June, in one of which they identified a worker without a work permit or contract, and the investigating couple was arrested.

both gone released after testifying UCRIF’s offices in Bilbao were required to appear before the Court which ordered the case.

Source: Informacion


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