Prigozhin wants to create the Russian equivalent of Eurovision in Crimea

Producer Iosif Prigozhin thought about creating a Russian analogue of Eurovision, in which all countries, including the USA, could participate. He chose Crimea as the location. Prigogine shared this idea with the radio station”Moscow speaks“.

“I have such thoughts, I do not have a plan yet. I propose to do this in the Crimea, there is a resort. On vacation, people always feel more tempted to go to an event. Crimea is prone to this. I know how to get all Europeans and Americans to participate in our competition. I have experience,” said the producer.

Nikolai Baskov at the end of May suggested Create a Russian analogue of Eurovision. Some stars supported him, for example, singer Larisa Dolina.

Russia’s participation in the European competition this year and next year has been suspended. It was supposed to take place in Ukraine in 2023, but on June 17, the European Broadcasting Union refused the country to host Eurovision due to difficulties in securing participants. The Association is considering the possibility of holding a competition in England. Ukraine does not agree with this decision.

Formerly Prigozhin named Transfer of the Ukrainian regiment “Eurovision”.

Source: Gazeta


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