Three minors arrested for raping two girls aged 14 and 15 in an abandoned house in Murcia

Victims report that They forced them to get on their motorcycles and kept them in an abandoned house. In Murcia, while the so-called attackers confirm that this is happening consensual sex. Three children arrested and filed a criminal complaint with the Murcia Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office this Friday. Raped two girls aged 14 and 15Police and judicial sources are reporting. The most precautionary measure adopted by the President of Juvenile Court No. 1 in Murcia, where three teenagers aged 14, 15 and 17, who have a record of violence and robbery, were transferred from the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor to juvenile centers and will be held in a closed detention regime.

The events under investigation occurred this Thursday afternoon. thornespecially a Ruined house located in an orchard area near Joven Futura urbanization. The attack on the victims by these men was to take place there. Allegedly, they put them on their motorcycles and attacked this abandoned building next to a building. horse riding stable.

Three men sexually assaulted them, according to what the victims later told their families and the Police. Although the girls refused to have sex with them, they were forced. The little ones were finally able to free themselves and left the venue. When they reach their home, They told their families what had happened to them.. They were relatives of the victims who called 091.

Similarities to Burjassot group attack

From the appearance of the house where the events took place, the victims are two underage girls in both cases. What happened in Espinardo on Thursday bears similarities to the group attack reported in mid-May in Burjassot, a town in the neighboring Valencian Community.

The recognition wheel of those concerned will take place on July 7th. The lawyer for one of the girls wants three of the six detainees currently on probation to be released and to include three more who are not detained and whose possible participation in the case has not yet been registered.

The lawsuit was taken over by the Minors Group. Murcia National PoliceHis investigators went to Espinardo to take statements from the girls in their home, and from there to the house in the ruins, which they said had been attacked. In just a few hours, agents moved to catch the three suspects.

Tension in the courts

This Friday morning, Juvenile Prosecutor José Antonio Ródenasinterrogated the three teenagers in the Justice City office, where the thriller scenes were played by the relatives of the suspects. These people have spoken abuseHe even turned to girls who were attacked. Some of these citizens were expelled from the courts for their violent behavior.

The construction where the incidents took place was photographed on Thursday, hours after the complaint. Democratic Republic of Congo

Defense of minors led by lawyer José Maria Caballerowhile the girls are taken over by the lawyer Fermin Guerrero.

One of the attackers is a resident of Molina de Segura, and the other two are from Espinardo, the Murcian town where the events under investigation took place. According to the news of La Opinion, all three of them said in their statements that sexual contact with girls is prohibited. broken.

The suspects, two of whom are blood cousins, apparently knew the girls and in no case forced them to get on their motorcycles, but rather they were the ones who offered to stay In Plaza de las Monjas. José María Caballero told this newspaper that they affirmed that the sexual relationship they had in the abandoned house was accepted by all parties. Teenagers say they can show this excesssomething to be clarified in the investigation of the case is still ongoing.

As for the girls, they have not yet been called to testify: it will be the judge who will call them in the coming days. After what happened, the two friends were taken to the hospital where they were treated. injuriesFortunately, it wasn’t serious. this medical parts It also provides an indication to the judge that the reported sexual assault has taken place. Proximity sources, minors emotionally torn after what happened.

“Save Society”

Ródenas requested detention in a closed regime for the three of them. Accepting the prosecutor’s request, the juvenile judge decided that the decision to be taken into custody should be made in a closed center, emphasizing that “the measure is completely legitimate”. sexual freedom of two minorsaggravated by “first threats and then the use of violence” to overcome victims’ resistance, and “severely if possible” intimidation via group” indicates TSJ in a description.

Two young people were taken Bramble and the third (with a history of forced robbery) mulberry trees. In these centers they will in principle be subject to special surveillance, although they are expected to be integrated into the normal functioning of the place, they will receive psychological attention and psychological attention due to the seriousness of the crimes they have committed. they will be blamed at a young age, they too psychiatric.

They are investigating their crimes. sexual assault, illegal detention, injury and threats.

According to forensic sources, the three were “minor poor school performance, unstructured leisure, and little respect for authority“.

“Therefore, in all three cases, it was decided to adopt a measure of closed detention with the aim of “protecting society in general and victims in particular, maintaining public order, preventing such crimes that cause great social alarm”. permanently placed on minors In addition to the necessary intervention and protection on Moreover, as the AYK stated, “avoiding re-offending and being attacked by complainants” is about the impossibility of establishing other measures, given the seriousness of the incident and the judicial measure that could ultimately result in punishment.

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