Latest update broke Wi-Fi in current versions of Windows

Latest June 14 update for Windows causes problems with Wi-Fi hotspots, informs Neowin portal. When connected to a wireless network, computers do not “see” Internet access.

The issue affects Windows 7, 10 and 11. Currently, the only way to work around this error is to disable Wi-Fi and use a different network connection method. Users for whom Wi-Fi is the only possible Internet access are recommended to revert to the previous version of Windows in the Update Center.

Microsoft is aware of an issue where Internet disconnects when connected via Wi-Fi. There is no working solution from the company yet.

At the beginning of June, Microsoft announced a significant reduction in its operations in Russia. The company will continue to fulfill its existing contractual obligations to Russian users.

Formerly saidHe said the shutdown of Internet Explorer caused panic among officials and senior executives in Japan.

Source: Gazeta


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