14 arrested for selling drugs in six homes in Benidorm’s most troubled area

this National Police stoped Benidorm a fourteen people This week, in an anti-drug raid in one of the most controversial areas of the tourist city, to smash several retail drug outlets across two blocks. the gameBorn in the 70s as part of a luxury residence and now a fa little crime Many houses were illegally occupied. In the early hours of last Tuesday, police conducted six simultaneous searches of several homes in these disputed buildings, primarily in blocks F and G, and intervened, albeit modestly, in addition to arrests. marijuana, marijuana and cocaine.

The operation also included a search of a bar allegedly used by one of the people arrested in the Playmon building to sell drugs.

14 people, 7 of whom are on the defensive, lawyer Jose Luis Sanchez Calvohas been put paroleafter half appearing at Benidorm Police Station and the rest after going to court.

research by Benidorm Police Station Forensic Police Group I It started at the end of January. The National Police became aware of the existence of a retail drug dealing network in several houses in the Playmon building on Portugal Avenue in Benidorm and began surveillance to gather evidence against the now disbanded group. Since then, they have identified large numbers of drug addicts going to buy drugs from their outlets and have issued 23 sanctions after giving consumers occasional doses of cocaine and marijuana.

One of the cops was arrested at Playmon in Benidorm. INFORMATION

Most of the houses surveyed were illegally occupied and others were rented. Also, some houses were merged after the partitions were demolished and the vendors activated. «narcoses» so the drug addicts consumed the drug they bought right there. Thus, they prevented the Police from interfering with their doses when they went out to buy in the buildings.

this social alert It is important in this area of ​​Benidorm, and constant police interventions do not prevent the restoration of normalcy. You should see that the 14 people arrested this week alone are already free and many of them will likely continue their activities.

The National Police have sealed the homes occupied by the detainees and theoretically they cannot return to them.

Only a very small amount of drugs and money were seized – 200 grams poppyapproximately one hundred cannabis and approximately 2,000 euros in cash – resulting from the protection measures taken by traffickers to reduce their criminal liability in the event of police intervention. Also, there are a lot of people in it. permanent warning to warn of possible police presence to dispose of drugs.

The detainees are of different nationalities and ages, among them the janitor of one of the blocks, which the National Police prevented from entering at dawn and alerting the other inmates.

Source: Informacion


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