Florists explain how to save flowers from the heat with soda

Experts recommend preparing certain flower foods in advance. writes about him To express.

Florists shared a lifehack for making sodas that will help cut flowers stay fresh longer in the heat.

Fizzy drinks such as lemonade are ideal as they are high in sugar. To prepare the top dressing, add about a quarter glass of soda to the filtered water and only then pour it into a vase of flowers.

It is noted that the size of the vase is also important for the freshness of the flowers. Flower pots that are too large or too small may cause faster wilting. The vase should also be washed with soap and water before placing the plants in it. Bacteria can multiply in vases and affect flowers.

Direct sunlight should also be avoided. Cut flowers can dry out, so it’s best not to place them on window sills that get plenty of sunlight.

Former gardener Patrina named Plants that will bloom all summer.

Source: Gazeta


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