this banana tree this tropical plant Despite its wild origin, it is an excellent indoor plant as long as you take the necessary care. In this way, you can enjoy the delicious fruit of the banana as well as its aesthetic value. Also, we can plant in a pot. Undoubtedly, in such a small space, it will not be able to reach the large dimensions it has reached in itself. natural habitat, It can reach a height of 15 meters. But don’t worry, it never exceeds two meters in a pot. If you too want to enjoy its beautiful green leaves at home, we will tell you the best way to get one. banana tree in pot and the care you need.


  • Indoor plant that attracts good luck and looks great in any corner

  • White bell-shaped flowers that will make your whole home smell natural

The care that the banana tree needs

dir-dir exotic plant It requires some care if you want it to look shiny in a pot. We will detail the most important ones.

this plant needs a lot of sun To enhance it, you should place it in a corner of your house where it receives direct rays. Also, it’s important that you keep it. away from heating stove and air conditioner.

This tropical plant continuous irrigation and quite abundant. Its huge leaves cause it to lose a lot of water, so it should be provided with abundant watering. Therefore, if you want the banana tree to be permanent in your home, you should never forget to water it. The best way to tell when it needs more water is to look at the substrate, which should always be moist. But be careful, it’s also not good to water too much as it can flood the roots.

This tropical plant hot and humid environment develop. The ideal temperature for its growth should always be above 21 degrees. It does not tolerate cold well, so it should never be exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees.

Banana tree can also be grown at home. pixabay

Ideal for good growth of this plant pay twice a yearonce in winter and once before summer.

This plant can be a victim aphid, red spider and cochineal, especially in the summer. For this reason, it should be observed especially during this period and should be treated immediately when plague is detected.

This tropical plant soon showed great growth. the pot will be small. It’s time to transfer it to a bigger one. The best time to do this is spring. Take advantage of the moment of transplant to put in a new substrate.