Award ceremony for the school competition “Letter to the Spanish soldier” in Alicante

Holy Family School First Baccalaureate student in hand, Claudia Gimeno Iniestawon the state stage first prize of the ninth edition of the school literature competition “Letter to the Spanish soldier” sponsored by the Ministry of Defense. This and the rest of the competition’s awards were handed out this Friday at the Defense Sub-Delegation to the Marine Corps Colonel. Juan Bosco Montero PradoHe presided over the law. This year’s competition featured the great explorers and military strategists who contributed their expeditions to Spain in both hemispheres of the world.

The competition is for students in year 4 of ESO and year 1 and 2 of the Baccalaureate, as well as FP students, intermediate students from study centers in the national region and Spanish centers abroad. Nine schools from the province participated in this ninth edition, and the theme chosen was aimed to “create a reflection among students about all the voyages whose soldiers, with their perseverance and courage, have made Spain a unique nation”. with a legacy of knowledge that is still valid today and a contribution to science” Defense Sub-Delegation.

A view from the awards ceremony at the Defense Sub-Delegation. INFORMATION

Claudia Gimeno Iniesta won the first prize for her letter entitled “Achieving social justice in the 16th century”. The first finalist was a 2nd year Baccalaureate student Alejandro DiLorenzo Berrozpefrom the Colegio CEU Jesús y María in Alicante and the second finalists were students Mirian Garcia’s Nephew Alicante María Auxiliadora School Baccalaureate 1st year and Mauro Fresneda Gontan 4th year of the ESO of the Salesian School Juan XXIII in Alcoy.

Award-winning students, their families and representatives of schools attended the event. The jury members of the competition, which consisted of prominent representatives of the cultural and educational world of the province, were also present. After the award and diplomas were delivered, the winning student read the letter to the participants.

The Deputy Defense Delegate congratulated the winners and thanked the participants, schools and the jury for their cooperation. Bosco told the students “effort, sacrifice, perseverance, will and illusion The importance of reading to achieve all proposed goals in life and also help them grow as people”.

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