Public debt recorded its first decline of the year in April

In April, the debts of all public administrations experienced their first monthly decline ever this year, a slight decrease. 1,445,426 million euros8,522 million less than in March (1,453,853 million).

Public debt since April 2021, according to data released by the Bank of Spain this Friday. 55,761 million euros

Most of this debt was concentrated in the State with 1,264,291 million. 10,041 less than a month ago (1,274,332 million).

Autonomous communities closed April with 310,655 million in debt. 914 million more than in March.

Local companies registered 22,455 million debts, 9 million less than in MarchSocial Security fell two million to close at 99.185 million.

By the end of April, most of the public debt was concentrated in representative securities (1.250.070 million), the remainder is divided into loans (190.333 million) and cash and deposits (5.023 million).

Source: Informacion


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