coconut tree (coco nucifera) is a palm tree that grows in tropical climates and produces a delicious fruit, the coconut. Seeing the size of this herb In its natural environment, many will consider it impossible to plant it at home. However, they are wrong. If you manage to imitate the climatic conditions of this plant in its natural environment (tropical climate), you can have a beautiful vegetation. coconut tree a vase. Of course, put it in the sunniest part of the house and water it often.


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How to plant a coconut tree in a pot

For plant a coconut tree You should buy a large clay pot because this material prevents water from evaporating quickly and keeps the soil moist for longer. Then you should fill the pot with soil and place the coconut so that it is only half buried. In the first days it is better not to get direct sunlight. In two weeks it will be ready for the sun to hit directly.

The care the coconut tree needs

The coconut tree needs special care to grow in pots. These cares are based on mimicking as much as possible the conditions in which this plant thrives. natural environment.

The coconut tree is born in a tropical climate, so it needs a lot of light to thrive in a pot. Put the pot in the sunniest part of the house, even during the hottest months. In addition to light, the coconut tree also needs heat to grow. The ideal temperature to keep at home is 21 degrees. It should never drop below 16 degrees.

You can plant your own coconut tree in a flower pot. pixabay

This plant needs constant moisture, so you should take care that the substrate never dries out. In the summer you should water it every two or three days. In winter, you can make the watering a little more intermittent and water it once a week. In addition to watering, it is also important to maintain the humidity in the environment. To do this, it sprays its leaves with water almost daily in the summer and less frequently in the winter. You can also install a humidifier in your home. You have to be careful and prevent the plant from flooding, so the pot you will plant should have a good drainage system.

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Other fruit trees you can grow at home

If you like the idea of ​​having a coconut tree at home, you might find the idea of ​​having other fruit trees interesting as well. Some of the easiest options to keep in a pot include: mandarin or lemon trees. You can also plant your own plant at home. tomatoes anyone strawberries and even as exotic as plants fruit of dradon. In any case, you can harvest these fruits yourself, and pots will add a natural and different atmosphere to your home.