Two detainees and a kilo of heroin were seized during the police operation in Elda

National Police agents arrest two people accused of trafficking in Elda narcotic substances.

investigation carried out by National Police Station Narcotics Group in Elda-Petrerstarted at the end of May, when various information was received about the existence of a point of sale for heroin and marijuana In what is known as the Caliu quarter. After the location of the house where the said activity was carried out was determined, various surveillances were carried out on it and the identity of the main responsible person, who turned out to be the resident of the property, was determined.

Last week, as a result of the device installed for this purpose, the person in question was detained while preparing to distribute cannabis, and it was seized near him. 100 grams.

After the principal was arrested, the Investigation Court login and registration to your homeA place where the agents in charge of the investigation suspect that he may be able to hide the rest of the substances he has smuggled.

During the search, investigators from the Elda-Petrer National Police Station found it hidden inside the house, 900 grams heroinas well as the necessary tools for distribution and sales.

During the same day arrest of a second personThis arrested person, who had indications of collaborating with the original person under investigation, was taken to the Police Headquarters and later released after his statement was taken.

The director who was investigated was handed over Instruction Court No. 3 in Eldadeciding to enter prison like this temporary

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