Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero: “People always like to see us on the rope”

Andreu Buenafuente and Bert Romero They are the most stable de facto couple on Spanish television as well as radio. They have been at the forefront of the award-winning team for nine seasons. ‘Nobody knows anything’ in Cadena SER, an improvisational program that has become digital audio file‘ Most listened to in Spain According to Spotify in 2020 and 2021. Now, the ‘show’ is expanding and kicking off Saturday, June 18, but also coming to life on HBO Max, completing its usual windows on airwaves and YouTube.

Although the ‘nobody knows anything’ spirit persists, ‘vivécdotes’ the interaction of the duo (private anecdotes in the first person singular) and the public, yes there are some differences. And not just because we can see them outside the radio set at certain moments at the start of the show. “We have more vehicles improvisation is growingExplaining that a television ‘show’ is the opposite of what they are doing here, Berto sums up: “A television show is prepared, rehearsed and then shown. Things are getting a little sluggish during this process and we didn’t want the same thing to happen to us.”

That’s why they have a team that is very aware of all the threads that come up throughout the conversation to “keep the magic of what’s going on right now” the foundation of their ‘show’ and improve them. And your success. The creator and protagonist of the Movistar+ series also says, “The public is grateful to see that we’re always on the tightrope, because there are times when the gag doesn’t come off.”look what you did‘.

no script

Because they insist, there is no previous scenario. “you were surprised cool we don’t talk much as friends outside the set. Buenafuente, who was “guilty” for cutting her partner’s and student’s teeth on the impromptu genre, says I learned about Berto’s life on the show because ‘Nobody knows anything’ showed us that the recorded experiences are great content.”

“I’m very organized and when I started TV I brought some very well prepared episodes to Andreu’s show. the program is broken. He forced me to improvise and ruined all plans,” Berto recalls. “Gradually I got used to it and it helped me become a better comedian because it gave me a chance. freshness that I didn’t have before,” she admits.

But they are aware of that complicity between them It is very important to make such a program a reality. “Picasso said it took his whole life to paint like a kid. Well, maybe we’ve spent our entire professional life with the ins and outs of comedy just to let loose and come here,” says the film’s director and presenter until recently. ‘Late motivation’. Partner appreciates it for himself “mutual respect” what’s wrong with them” big dose of generosity“This must be due to both, for the ‘show’ mechanism to work like clockwork. This can only be done when you have a very long shared history and are in a safe place. I know that Andreu will never betray me, he will not lay me bare. If he sees me not shooting, fire. ‘, this half of the media underlines ‘marriage’, while Buenafuente describes their relationship.

Bowling in Mexico and Argentina

The duo, who will go across the pond to go bowling abroad for the first time with the program in the coming weeks (July 2, 2018) Mexican and on 6 and 7 July Argentina), has always been characterized by promoting a comedy far from pure provocation, unlike what other colleagues have done. “I don’t like to offend me. First, I don’t like to hurt people or get me in trouble. And also, because I kind and cowardly. So that kind of comedy never appealed to me, even though I didn’t know what comedy was supposed to be like,” says Berto.

They prefer to defend. white humor, a little messy and wrong‘No one knows anything’ also applied. Buenafuente, who has already highlighted the news in different television programs, “And so far from current events,” here highlights something she didn’t miss. “We have gone through overtime. phases of life are very difficult due to a pandemic. political hysteriafor a very raw, very harsh and bitter piece of news and we wanted people to think they could put the radio on. [y ahora HBO Max] and knowing that before them is 50 minutes where nothing will harm them, an hour a week where they can be safe.

Oscar Smackdown

Meanwhile, he keeps them from getting a smack like he does. Chris Rock Will Smith at the Oscars. “It seems so far from our world…” says Buenafuente, with Berto agreeing. “It seems unacceptable to me in many ways, but it’s not because it’s funny, it’s more to hit someone. The sad thing is we live in a world where it’s normalized,” Berto concludes.

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