Iberdrola will have international power in front of shareholders

June is usually the month when exams are held in the classrooms.. iberdrola On Friday, June 17, the shareholders will hold their general assembly.The trial of more than 600,000 shareholders of the Basque company. to the appointment, From the group, they note that the company’s president, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, has an “overwhelming” balance. Within the scope of his duty, electricity multiplied by six. bagIt became the first company in the sector in Europe with approximately 70,000 million euros.

Despite turbulence World Economy, ukraine war and “small wars with government and energy companies,” the same sources emphasize that the loyalty level of this company’s shareholders is much higher than that of voters. In fact, 70% of the company’s minority shareholders have held their titles for more than 20 years, “an unusual loyalty in other areas of life,” they say.

business ambassadors

Two great heads of Ibex, inditex and Iberdrola are undoubtedly Spain’s main commercial ambassadors to the world. Iberdrola showcases international leadership. World Wind Day was celebrated on June 15, two days before the plenary meeting, and Iberdrola had the opportunity to remind that it is the world’s leading player in wind power generation with 15,000 wind turbines spread across 14 countries and an installed capacity of approximately 21,000. megawatt.

At its annual meeting, Iberdrola will explain how he achieved his goals despite the difficulties. The drop in profits in Spain was clearly offset by the success of the business in Brazil and the United States.. Now, the company’s new windows of opportunity are focusing on Australia and Japan.

Only 30% in Spain

Half Castilian, half Basque cradle, very little remains in the Iberdrola of this centuries-old Spanish hydroelectric power station. Today, only 30% of its business is limited to Spain, remember the group. The main market share is outside our borders.

this Stock market data is an indication that the company is in good health and is resistant to difficulties.and its promising future based primarily on the energy transition and its global pioneer in green energy production”.

Adding to the global scandal, the occupation of Ukraine served to underline the need for a fundamental horizon of self-sufficiency and achieved this through a decarbonized economy. At Iberdrola they say, “Self-sufficiency in the much-lauded energy. That’s the purpose the company and its president set on fire.”

In this context, with the global energy crisis and the diplomatic crisis with Algeria in the background, Iberdrola is faced with a new meeting in the general assembly. As Galán announced earlier from the World Economic Forum in Davos, “his homework is done” and he will go there with a clear mandate for international expansion.

It announced last week that it has made changes in its United States subsidiary, Avangrid, from the outset to observe a €6,000 million investment in New York State over the next three years. Also this week, Neoenergía, Iberdrola’s subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro, made its debut at the Palacio de la Bolsa in Madrid, seeking European investors for its rich Brazilian adventure.

Galán arrives in Bilbao with the broad support of the market and the approval of key advisors They proceed from the company in a way that guides the votes of the shareholders and does not prevent the traces of power from producing a response, “sometimes more openly and sometimes more covertly” than their competitors in both business and politics.

100% green

The direction of the company is under review with l this weeklooking at a growth horizon where it is strong: in 100% green energy. Iberdrola’s renewable assets are nearly 40,000 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity and are the jewel in the energy company’s crown.

To achieve this, it will continue to invest in more renewable energy, networks, storage and the development of green hydrogen around the world in the coming years. The plan envisages an investment scenario of 75,000 million euros by that date.

They underline from the group that Iberdrola’s international profession is light-years away from the company, which “many still perceive only as the inconvenient collector of the monthly electricity bill.” They add that there is a dwarf look in the eyes of the thousands and thousands of shareholders who remain loyal to Iberdrola’s future as a solid guarantor of their savings.

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