Negative consequences of young people using social networks 11:44

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh (UK), as part of a research team, found that social network use is associated with risky health behaviors in young people. Risky behaviors include alcohol, drug and tobacco use, unprotected sex and gambling. They are the consequences shared In the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Some scientific studies have already documented that social networks can have negative effects on mental health. To find out whether the use of such online platforms can trigger risky behavior in adolescents and young adults (aged 10-19), scientists conducted a new study based on previous studies involving approximately 1.4 million people. The results of many of the previous studies included in the new study differed in terms of the reliability of the results.

The combined analysis showed that frequent or daily use of social networks increased the risk of developing alcohol addiction by 48%, drug addiction by 28% and nicotine addiction by 85%. Misuse of online platforms has also been linked to risky sexual behavior, such as inconsistent use of birth control. Additionally, teenagers and young adults who used social media frequently were more aggressive and prone to physical violence than their peers who spent little time on online platforms.

It was before refuted The myth about the dangers of using your phone before bed.

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