Four signs of a faulty stove in a car have been named 11:29

The heating system, in good condition, heats the vehicle interior to comfortable temperatures within 10 minutes. Otherwise, if more time has passed after starting the engine and the cabin has warmed up a little, there is a malfunction in the system, said Alexey Ruzanov, technical director of the Fit Service international network of car service centers. reports “Russian newspaper”.

One sign of a heating system malfunction is cold air coming out of the ducts when the control is set to warm air. The stove may be faulty if the windows fog up during operation, but when changing the air flow direction, nothing changes. Another sign of a malfunction is when cold air flows to the left seat and warm air flows to the right (or vice versa).

The expert explained that the causes of such malfunctions may include a faulty heater radiator or thermostat, low coolant level, contamination of the airlock and cabin filter. To determine the exact cause, you need to diagnose the system at a car service center.

According to the expert, car owners should change the coolant every 45-50 thousand kilometers or after 2-4 years of use of the vehicle. He suggested that sometimes it is necessary to modify the heater operation to prevent the servo motor from “going rancid”.

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Source: Gazeta


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