He stole his mother’s car to impress a young Crimean girl 11:44

In Crimea, a 17-year-old stole his mother’s car to impress a girl. Telegram channel reports this »Crush on the wave

According to the Telegram channel, a woman contacted the police with a report that a Volkswagen car was missing and immediately shared her guess as to the identity of the thief. She said her son might have stolen the car.

Shortly after, the car was spotted on the street and police tried to stop it. It was stated that the driver was indeed the son of the injured woman. The young man does not have a driver’s license.

The teenager tried to escape, provoking a chase. Although the police fired warning shots into the air, they could not stop him, but then the young man lost control and flew towards the roadside.

Thereupon, the young man and the girl he was riding in the stolen vehicle tried to escape by getting out of the vehicle, but were caught and taken into custody. It was reported that the young man was registered with the Police Department and had caught the eye of the police many times before.

Formerly a pirate broken A car trying to hide from the traffic police crashed into a tree.

Source: Gazeta


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