Hamas received the list of prisoners in Israel to be released 20:28

The Palestinian Hamas movement received the list of Palestinian prisoners who will be released on November 27. writes about this TASS.

In the movement’s statement, it was stated that there were 3 women and 30 children on the list.

On November 22, Israel approved an agreement with Hamas to release hostages held in the Gaza Strip. According to the agreement, a four-day ceasefire will be declared during which Hamas will release 50 women and children.

Red Cross representatives will also be allowed to visit the remaining hostages to provide necessary medical care. As Israel’s permanent representative to the UN, Gilad Erdan, stated, after the pause ends, Israel will continue to solve the problems in the Palestinian region. The ceasefire of the parties began to operate on November 24.

Also in Palestine statedIt is stated that Israel and Hamas are close to extending the humanitarian ceasefire. And on November 27 at the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs statedIt was stated that the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip was extended for two days.

Previously Iran put forward Israel’s request regarding the conflict with Hamas.

Source: Gazeta


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