The mistake made by doctors that reduces the effectiveness of obesity treatment is called ACP: The doctor’s emphasis on the dangerous consequences of obesity does not help in losing weight 17:02

Researchers from the University of Oxford found that doctors’ emphasis on the negative consequences of obesity reduces the effectiveness of treatment for the disease and causes patients to lose motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. Research results published at the American College of Physicians.

Scientists analyzed audio recordings of conversations between 87 general practitioners and obese patients. Researchers sought to find out whether the particular language doctors use to convey a diagnosis might affect the effectiveness of future treatment.

It turns out that the doctor’s patients, who emphasize the benefits of weight loss, lose excess fat more effectively. At the same time, the focus on the dangerous consequences of obesity and the “accusatory” tone of doctors’ statements were associated with people’s decreased motivation to lose weight.

Practitioners whose patients were making progress in losing weight maintained courteous communication during the appointment. They also offered visitors a free 12-week weight loss program. Doctors used the “education” method about the negative effects of excess weight on health and advised patients to participate in the program. But few visitors to hostile doctors expressed such a desire.

The researchers hope their study will lead to a significant change in the way healthcare providers approach conversations with patients.

existed before named unexpected hidden danger of excess weight for men.

Source: Gazeta


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