this measles (also known as berberis, carrasquilla or vinegar) bush originally from japan this gives some nice yellow flowers. If you plant it in the garden, it will quickly form a dense bush, but you can also grow it in a garden. vase. In this way, it will add a very exotic and different atmosphere to your home. Although the leaves are thorny, they are reddish and soft. It blooms in spring and bears fruit harvested in autumn. At the same time very easy to maintain and with a little simple care you will make it strong and shiny. We will tell you more about this plant, which also has medicinal properties.


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How to plant a barberry in a pot

on time plant this bush You can do it by direct sowing or cutting the seeds. The important thing is to choose a large pot with a good drainage system to prevent the roots from being flooded during watering. As for the most suitable type of soil for planting, you can choose a universal substrate.

If you decide to plant a sapling, the best time to do so is fall, and if you prefer seeds, it is best to plant them in the spring.

This plant is very hardy. pixabay

The care that measles needs

Barberry is a fairly hardy plant and is not very demanding on the type of soil and water it needs.

This shrub can thrive if you place it in a semi-shade area or in full sun. It withstands the cold well, so you can place it on the terrace even in winter.

Watering for barberry will vary depending on when it is planted. That is, initially, as soon as it is planted in the pot, it should always have a moist substrate. This may take about two weeks. You can then intermittently water it, and two or three times a week will suffice to water it.

It is best to prune this shrub in the fall to prevent its branches from tangling and to encourage flowering.

Measles does not require extensive care pixabay

The most convenient thing is to fertilize the plant every two weeks in the spring and use mineral fertilizers.

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This plant can be attacked by fungi and some pests, so you should monitor it and, at the first sign of this happening, apply an appropriate treatment to eradicate the pest.