Primavera Sound does not exclude a full move to Madrid in 2024

co-director Spring Sound, Gabi Ruiz assured him that the parties that made up the Barcelona City Council did not want them: “problem with Barcelona He doesn’t love us, that’s straight. This municipality, which consists of two parties, does not want us.” In this sense, it does not ignore the fact that the entire festival will be held in Madrid in 2024.

In an interview with Primavera Sound Radio on Tuesday night, does not note the support of a council that believes in the festival: “They don’t believe in the festival. They don’t think it’s an important cultural offering. They treat us like troublemakers.”

“What will happen in 2024? There is an election in 2023, we will see who will rule in 2024. If we have to decide earlier, how is it possible because we work hard and they said they are very happy if they want us in Madrid because we want to have the two dates in Madrid. Let’s see,” said Ruiz.

said that Barcelona City Council does not take into account the support of the councilThe acceptance of the Community and Madrid City Council has been “impressive”.

Gabi Ruiz emphasized that the festival was held in Barcelona and that he owed a lot to the city and its people, but said this. ‘owes nothing’ to the political class according to him, he does not value the festival or its people.

Source: Informacion


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