If you are a fan in the plants and you want to add a different touch to your home, maybe you have never thought of owning your own home. urban garden at home. If so, we’re going to talk to you about something today. The perfect fruit tree to plant in pots. We will give you all the keys to plant a plant. potted pomegranate and have your own pomegranate harvest at home. East tree You can reach up to 6 meters in a garden, but you can prefer dwarf pomegranate varieties in much smaller proportions. You can also enjoy your own pomegranate.


  • Flowers that stay beautiful for months and don’t need water

  • The best plant to naturally purify the air in your home

  • A tree that you can plant in a pot and add a fresh and natural atmosphere to your home.

How to plant a pomegranate in a pot?

pomegranate a easy to grow plant in pot. Of course, you should choose a large pot and put a humus-rich substrate.

How to care for a pomegranate plant in a pot?

With these simple suggestions for the care of your pomegranate plant, you can ensure that your tree grows smoothly.

You should put the pot with pomegranate in a very sunny place. Terrace or balcony will be perfect. In very cold months, you can put the pot inside the house to protect it from low temperatures. Put it near a window.

Pomegranate can grow in a pot pixabay

This tree needs a lot of water to grow, so you must ensure that the soil does not dry out completely. In winter, drain more waterings.

In pomegranate, pruning is essential for the tree to take the shape we want. The best time to do this is in winter and you should remove the driest branches so that the plant can focus on the rest.

This plant is quite resistant to pests but can be particularly attacked by fruit flies, so you should monitor the plant closely and act quickly if you spot the pest.

How long does it take for a pomegranate to bear fruit?

Normally your pomegranate will start bearing fruit after two years, but you may have to wait a little longer. season grenades It starts in August and lasts until December.

This tree will give you your own pomegranate crop pixabay

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