A court in Moscow arrested a person suspected of massacre 23:00

A 62-year-old man who attacked two people was arrested in Moscow, according to law enforcement officials. In this respect reports District attorney’s office.

According to investigators, on the night of September 30, the Russian was in the same apartment with two acquaintances, aged 39 and 45. At one point, a verbal argument broke out between the individuals.

As a result, the person involved in the criminal case grabbed the knife and committed a massacre in the building. He struck one of the Russians at least twice in the chest and back of the head, while the second received several blows to the neck.

“At the court hearing, the defendant objected to the choice of the preventive measure in the form of detention,” the publication said.

Despite the man’s dissatisfaction, the court detained him. It was not stated how long the defendant would remain in custody.

Previously in the Moscow region caught A man came to school with a knife.

Source: Gazeta


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