The USA did not disclose the details of the Biden-McCarthy agreement on Ukraine 23:00

In her briefing with reporters, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre did not disclose the details of the agreement that US President Joe Biden made with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, regarding Ukraine. Broadcast has been made Youtube channel White House.

“I won’t talk beyond what the president has said,” he said.

Journalists tried several times to clarify with the press secretary whether the agreement was real and whether Jean-Pierre was ready to confirm that the American leader was telling the truth about Ukraine. However, the White House spokesman did not provide a concrete response.

“We know there is bipartisan support for Ukraine, and we appreciate that. “That’s what we’re seeing,” he added.

Biden in the background of the approved interim budget on October 1 promiseAid to US allies and Ukraine will not end. The American leader also noted that the majority of US congressmen continue to support providing aid to Ukraine.

One day before the US President signed A law providing for a 45-day extension of funding to the country’s federal government, which does not include aid to Ukraine.

On the same day, the United States House of Representatives He did not accept Plan to finance the government’s work until October 31. It was noted that the project was protested by the Upper House of the US Congress and the White House.

Putin before she made a joke About the “supreme government of Russia”.

Source: Gazeta


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