18 pedophiles arrested in Alicante and 12 other provinces for distributing sexual exploitation material against children

There are agents of the National Police During the operation carried out in 13 provinces, 18 people were arrested for allegedly possessing and distributing them. Child sexual exploitation from both computers and mobile devices where they use private connections to make their users harder to find.

Arrests were made in the provinces. A Coruña, Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Burgos, Cádiz, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Girona, Guipúzcoa, Lanzarote, Madrid, Tarragona and Tenerife Alleged distribution and possession of child sexual exploitation material over the Internet, as reported by the National Police.

In the operation launched jointly with the USA, the agents confiscated 21 mobile phones, two tablets, six computers, eight hard drives, six memory cards, 17 USB sticks and a camera.

Statement from the US embassy

The investigation began in January 2020. international cooperation in the fight against the sexual exploitation of minors on the Internet. In this case, it was the U.S. Embassy in Spain that informed the agents of the detection of various Internet links in Spain where content possibly containing child pornography material was distributed.

In particular, the source of the information received is based on complaints made by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). At least 20 people in our country used to use their virtual accounts for storage and storage. sharing files containing child sexual abuse content with other pedophiles.

As always in the commission of such crimes, its authors used private connections (VPN) to anonymize the real IP addresses of their terminals. In this way, it blocks or blocks the locations of its users.

The detainees used both their computers (laptops and desktops) and mobile terminals, which were often in sync with each other, so investigators had to target the search on any computing device.

The National Police reminded citizens of the importance of not sharing or hiding such sexual images and videos featuring minors because they would commit crimes. For this there is the possibility of condemning the content by e-mail denuncias.pornografia.infantil@policia.es.

Source: Informacion


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