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The US will not send long-range missiles to Ukraine, as Zelensky requested


head UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Joe Biden reassured his Government this Monday. will not send long-range missiles. Ukraine has the ability to reach Russian territory, as requested by the Ukrainian authorities.

When asked by journalists at the White House if he plans to send such weapons to UkraineBiden replied, “He will not send missile systems that can move away.” Russia“.

The US president made these statements just before going to Arlington National Cemetery on the outskirts of Washington, where he held a commemoration of the dead US soldiers on Memorial Day, which is celebrated today and is a national holiday, as is customary. .

Biden in early May Asks Congress for more money to continue helping Ukraine To guarantee the replenishment of the US military arsenal, as well as Russian aggression.

“We need more money to secure America” Continues to send weapons directly to the forefront of freedom in Ukraine And we will continue to support the people of Ukraine financially and humanely,” he said.

On April 28, Biden formally asked Congress Additional aid of 33 billion dollars to UkraineMore than 20,000 million will go to military aid to support the fight against the Russian occupation of Kiev.

Although Pentagon and White House spokesmen Stressing that aid to Ukraine does not affect the country’s own defense capabilities, They also acknowledged that a continuous assessment of stocks is carried out each time a shipment is made to Ukraine.

Pentagon Announcement

Pentagon does not rule out e possibilityDeliver long-range rockets to Ukraine to counter Russia’s advance in DonbasIn eastern Ukraine, the CNN television network developed.

This was voiced by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby at a press conference where he stated they knew about it. Ukraine would need long-range artillery fire, as Russia decided to focus its attacks on eastern Ukraine.

Without wanting to specify whether Washington would finally deliver such weapons from Kiev, Kirby noted: They work “daily” to bring weapons and defense systems to Ukraine.

“We are in constant communication with them about their needs,” a spokesperson for the US Department of Defense said. In this sense, he confirmed that the United States is aware that the Ukrainians are demanding “private and public” rocket systems with multiple launchers, without wanting to confirm whether they will finally be procured.

Kirby added that so far the US has provided kyiv. 10 care packages and that the eleventh is ready. He recalled that the situation in the Donbas was “very dynamic”: “There are cities and towns that fall into the hands of the Russians on a given day, and then the Ukrainians take them back. There is still a lot of trading,” he said.

But he admitted that the Russians were making “increasing profits” in the Donbas. CNN, quoting government officials, assured In the final hours, which the US Government may announce next week, Shipment of multiple launch rocket systems, known as MLRS by its English acronym, to Ukraine in a broader military aid package to defend against Russian invasion.

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