this King’s Crown (Saxifraga longifolia)) also known as Altamira herb SylvesterIt grows in the Pyrenees and blooms only once in a lifetime. It usually lives in rock crevices at high altitudes between 500 and 2,500 meters. That’s where the Latin name comes from, so “break the stone“. It blooms from May to August and dies after a single bloom. very dangerous plant and attributed its abortive properties, so it is used by shepherds for difficult cattle births.


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Plant that blooms only once in a lifetime

this King’s Crown only blooms once in life, when you create a beautiful bouquet Flowers It can reach a height of 80 cm. They flowers are very sticky and are ideal bait for insects. However, this beautiful blooming spectacle only happens once at a time. herb.

this King’s Crown puts all its energy into blooming and raise the stem with the flowers as high as possible. So at the end of summer, when the flowers fade, the stem bends and the plant dies. Of course, when the trunk is tilted, the wind moves them to a new crevice in the rock and releases seeds that will allow new plants to grow there if they manage to thrive.

At the end of its life, the plant falls off the rock on which it lives and clears its place so that other new plants can grow there.

Some plants grow in the cracks of rocks pixabay

King’s crown, the plant is as dangerous as it is beautiful

This plant is known for being large. toxicity and its abortive features in ancient times, so it is very dangerous. In some rural areas it is still used in veterinary medicine for difficult calving of cattle.

It is also a very unique and beautiful wild plant that adds a special and magical touch to the stones in which it grows. Inside Pyrenees of Aragon It takes the name Coda de Borrega and we never see it on the ground, as it only thrives in the cracks of rocks. There, its developmental conditions are so uncertain that it can bloom only once in its lifetime and exert all its strength at that moment before dying and reproducing. seeds for someone to grow up new plant in proximity.