Alert level increased due to the activity of Villarrica Volcano in Chile 03:47

Chile’s National Geological and Mining Service (Sernageomin) has raised the alert level for Villarrica volcano from yellow to orange (degree three out of four). It is located in the south of Chile. While he writes ReutersVillarrica’s volcanic activity is increasing, with the orange level meaning there is a high probability of an eruption occurring in the coming weeks or even days.

The popular tourist resort of Pucon is located near the volcano. The capital Santiago is just 750 km away from the mountain, one of the most geologically active in South America.

Villarrica has an open crater 200 meters wide. The last eruption was recorded in 2015. Local people then had to be evacuated.

Previously ancient volcano clarified Geologists have the secret to finding new rare diamond deposits. Geologists made the discovery while examining rocks from the ancient Argyle volcano in Western Australia, where the world’s largest deposits of pink and red diamonds are located.

As is known, the formation of valuable minerals deep within the Earth requires carbon and the tremendous pressure resulting from the collision of tectonic plates. According to the researchers, the third factor in the successful diamond hunt was the subsequent stretching of the earth’s crust. During this process, precious stones rise to the surface as the magma rises.

Previously US President Joe Biden named the only threat to the existence of humanity.

Source: Gazeta


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