Luis Lorenzo speaks for the first time after being accused of murder: ‘We are innocent’

Luis Lorenzo and his wife, Aracha PalominoHe spoke for the first time after being accused of poisoning his aunt for financial reasons. The couple, who were released on bail last Friday, have defended their innocence and stated that they are cooperating with justice.

In footage broadcast on ‘Ana Rosa’ this Monday morning, the actress insisted on her innocence: “Both my wife and I we are completely innocent. We have full confidence in what justice is doing and I ask all media to respect a constitutional right that is the presumption of innocence.”

Lorenzo said he is “absolutely convinced this will be clarified”. “Every necessary measure will be taken to clarify all this.”The translator, known for his roles in TV series such as ‘La que se avecina’, commented.

Arancha Palomino stated that “everything leaked to the media is false and will be documented”. “I’m invoking the presumption of innocence. Please, I have full confidence in fairness and my sole aim is to achieve maximum cooperation “To make this clear as soon as possible,” she added, adding that she and her husband’s “very clear conscience”.

But in addition to that, he also stated in his defense that: “There was someone on duty to look after my aunt 24 hours a day”.

Francisco Pérez, attorney for Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino, There may be previous contamination of the deceased by habitual consumption of fish with mercury.

In statements to Telecinco collected by Europa Press, the lawyer argued that his clients had nothing to hide: “We don’t know at what levels these metals are, is the ultimate cause of death and these metals are fit for habitual consumption. There may have been previous contamination. We need to question whether the chain of custody is legal or not.”

As for the possible economic cause of the alleged murder, he announced this morning that there is a will from May 2021. The direct relatives of the player’s partner were already excluded, and they got to this universal heir..

Source: Informacion


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