EiDF moves headquarters to Madrid and shareholders support accounts

Ordinary meeting of shareholders of the photovoltaic self-consumer company EiDF approved the relocation of the company’s headquarters from Barro (Pontevedra) to Madrid It also approved both the company’s individual and consolidated 2022 annual accounts, published by the group last August. The management of the board of directors during the year was also approved at this meeting. The fees to be paid to the board of directors were also approved. Fernando Romero, the group’s founder and chairman, will receive an annual fixed fee of 200,000 euros, plus a variable amount of up to 160,000 euros based on EBITDA or other targets, as well as 50,000 euros based on market capitalization targets. The salaries of the board of directors for the current and subsequent years were also approved and determined as 442,000 euros.

The board also supported the agreement to increase the number of board membersThe company, which increased its current membership from nine to eleven with the appointment of four new executives: Laura Bravo Ramasco, Guillermo Poch Sala, Laura Zendrera Roig and Tiago Moreira da Silva Trinidade Salgado, also gave the green light to the proposal to hire a CEO. As stated in the matters approved by the Parliament, “with the senior management contract and the conditions expressly agreed in the said contract”.

Special, The accounts for the year have received the support of 76.584% of the total capital and 99.897% of the capital present or represented at the meeting.Only 0.055% of the total capital (0.072% of the existing or represented capital) voted against it. The management of the administrative body, for its part, received the approval of 76.333% of the total capital (99.57% of the existing or represented capital) and the rejection of only 0.055% of the total capital, i.e. 0.072%. existing or represented capital.

In addition, The announced transfer of the company’s registered office to Madrid has been approvedTo be closer to the financial markets and the economic activity in which it carries out part of its business, where it currently has offices. Until now it was located at the headquarters in Barro (Pontevedra), which will continue its usual activities.

Reorganized accounts

Accounts of the renewable group A self-consumption regulation had to be reformulated by the company due to disagreements with its auditor PwCand following a forensic report prepared by Deloitte.

The company was suspended from trading on BME Growth for four months, from mid-April to mid-August, due to audit problems in the presentation of its accounts. Since returning to listing, EiDF saw its shares lose more than 80% of their value. This Friday the company’s securities were traded at 5.07 euros, down 3.8%.compared to 29.76 euros in April, when it was suspended.

Likewise, the shareholders of the company, of which Fernando Romero, the chairman and founder of the group, owns 72.3% of the capital, supported various agreements that gave authority to the board of directors. “We will continue to work on the strategic line”As reported in a statement by the company.

new signatures

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The board also supported the proposal to hire a CEO “on terms expressly agreed upon by the executive management agreement and in that agreement.”According to one of the points approved in the parliament. The company also decided to appoint a new ‘compliance officer’. This will include José María Covelo from EiDF Solar’s legal department, who will lead the Regulatory Compliance Committee created by him together with commercial director David Pintos and supported by different people responsible for the company’s areas.

The company’s purpose is “Constantly ensures that business decisions and actions are always taken in accordance with existing legal provisions and to the corporate values ​​and principles that define the development of its activity”.

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