Police free a human trafficking victim in Valladolid who was later seduced by her exploiter

There is the National Police released Valladolid a woman caught online and then seduced by the person she is the abuser who forced her to have violent sex and withdrew her documents.

As reported by police sources on Monday, agents Operation Craiova IIOn 19 May, an alleged 29-year-old male, a Romanian national, was arrested with four police records for human trafficking, sexual assault and prostitution-related crimes.

On March 24, 2022, the first phase of Operation Craiova was announced. A criminal group located in the Valladolid district of Delicias was disbandedHe women exploited for street prostitution It took place on the Renedo highway in the city.

Group demanded payment of a percentage of their earnings for sexual services and alleged perpetrators, as some victims refuse to be exploited and controlled by third parties They tried to subdue their will by using threats and violence. both directly and through family members and aggression.

The group had caught many victims online with false promises linked to emotional relationships with leaders, and once they were sexually abused in Valladolid.

In this second phase of the operation, an identified woman was found in Murcia. victim of human trafficking The statement was heard in the offices of the Murcia Provincial Immigration and Border Brigade.

The woman, through another victim, She made contact with the person who would exploit her, the leader of the criminal gang who had seduced her and succeeded in making her fall in love with him.initiates both an emotional relationship over the internet.

victim in March 2022 He moved from Murcia to Valladolid after Murcia promised him a future together as a couple in Valladolid using the recruiting method known as ‘dear boy’.He even assured me that he would earn a thousand euros a day by prostitution.

Given the silence of the victim, who as soon as he arrived at the house of the currently detained person and began to realize that he had been duped, He violently forced her to have sex and withdrew her documents, thereby increasing her vulnerability and making her completely submissive.

The person now arrested has forced the victim into prostitution for a week on public roads in harsh conditions in sub-zero temperatures and marathon days, withholding all the money she had received for sexual services.

He was their abuser and leader of the criminal group. It was liquidated to charge “customers”, determining rates and even how services are performed.

Sometimes, if “clients” wanted, she was forced to have sex without a condom, despite the risk to her health.

Thanks to the action taken by the police against this criminal organization in the first stage of the operation last March, the victim managed to escape.

The detainee was placed under the orders of the Valladolid Instruction Court No. 4, which ordered his release on charges.

Source: Informacion


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