In a world full of chemical and technological solutions, sometimes nature surprises with its own surprises. homemade tricks repairs. If you are looking for effective and natural wood repairthe solution may already be in your pantry. walnutThese little nuts that we usually associate with desserts or salads can be your perfect food ally. repair scratches in wood.

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Why hazelnuts? The secret behind the most unexpected wood repair

Most people don’t know but the walnut Contains natural oils that have the potential to camouflage minor scratches on wooden surfaces. When these oils come into contact with wood, they help give it a renewed and shiny appearance. Yes, something as simple and accessible as walnut can compete with any traditional “wood repair” on the market.

Step by step: How to repair scratches on wood with walnut

For those who are skeptical or just curious, here’s a simple Tutorial on how to use this natural repair technique:

  1. Preparation: Before you start, make sure the wood surface you want to treat is clean and dry. If you are going to “repair wood scratches” on a much-loved or valuable piece of furniture, it is important to work in the best conditions.
  2. Choose your hazelnut: The best option is an ordinary walnut or walnut. Once you have it, cut it in half and reveal the fresh, oily interior.
  3. Application: Gently rub the inside of the nut over the scratch in the wood. Although it may seem tempting, you don’t need to apply too much pressure. Natural oils will do the magic.
  4. Watch the transformation: As you continue to rub, you will notice that the scratch blends into the original tone of the wood, making it less visible.
  5. Finishing: After a few minutes, polish the area with a soft cloth and remove any hazelnut residue so that the oils work properly. Your wood will shine and be renewed.

Although this home number It’s surprisingly effective, it’s vital to remember that. It gives better results on dark woods and superficial scratches. If you decide to try it, we recommend doing it in a small inconspicuous area first to make sure you get the results you want.

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In conclusion, If you are looking for an innovative, economical and 100% natural wood repairman, your answer may be walnut! Not only will you repair those pesky scratches, but you will also enjoy a pleasant moment connecting with nature and its wonderful secrets. Dare to experiment and visit our Decorating section to learn the most popular cleaning tips!