Gorillas announce departure from Spain less than a year after landing

gorillasThe ‘unicorn’ of German origin, which specializes in home delivery of supermarket products, announced this Tuesday that it is leaving Spain. His adventure in this market, which is predominantly in the hands of companies, took less than a year. glovo Y bring it. Gorillas’ management isn’t just shutting down operations in Spain and looking into closing several markets with a pullback strategy to focus its capital and investments on those they think can generate profitability for it. Spain is not one of them by their calculations and is therefore setting sail and starting a process to lay off delivery staff and staff of its ‘ghost’ supermarkets, as it reported Monday.

“90% of our revenue comes from five key markets that have embarked on a clear path to profitability: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. That is why we decided to sharpen our focus and continue to grow in these five markets,” The company said in a statement. The firm ceases operations in Spain, as well as Italy, Denmark and Belgium, resulting in the layoffs of some. 300 workers Worldwide. “With this difficult decision, Gorillas enables it to strengthen its long-term position, both financially and strategically,” they say of the firm.

The supermarket home delivery sector is in the process of establishing itself in Spain, with a few consolidated agents with previous experience such as Glovo and Gettir and others coming and going at the expense of market share. Ukrainians RocketFor example, it took half as long as Gorillas, which started operations in November 2021 and announced they were leaving Spain in February 2022. And another firm with numbers to come down soon cashew, supported by Carrefour and in the process of expansion across Europe. Sources close to the industry say, “Whoever enters now, enters late.”

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