A patent war takes control of Ford’s business in Germany

A Ford dwarfs grow on it Europe. German justice has imposed on a multinational corporation, which has undergone cuts in its factories on the old continent to deal with electrification. Banning the sale and manufacture of automobiles across the country Considering the brand incorporated a technology into its vehicles to warn of accidents without the corresponding license. While the decision can be appealed and worrisome scenarios arise if it becomes final – it may even force the destruction of stocks in recent years – it is very likely that Ford will seek a settlement with the claimant, the Japanese patent operator IP. Bridge, which also disabled the judicial remedy, as Volkswagen did before.

In Germany, since 2018 all new cars are required to include an automatic emergency pager in the event of an accident with their navigation system. Telephone companies are the ones that develop these systems and pressure car manufacturers in court to pay license fees to use these technologies.

Until eight patent holders sued Ford within days. IPbridge He resisted the most, and now a judge agrees with him. Of course, you will need to pay a deposit 227 million Euros for the execution of the sentence, according to German media reports. If you contribute the amount, the decision can be executed within 15 days.

In any case, the probability of this happening is low. In the first place, this also delays deadlines, as the decision is appealable. And second, because What is predictable is that the Detroit-based multinational is seeking a deal with the Japanese patent exploiter.. This is what Volkswagen did, which reached an agreement with the IP Bridge without waiting for the court’s decision. Ford is silent on his next move, but the Munich court decision would, at best, mean a significant financial outlay to reach that settlement with the plaintiff.

Mutism at Almussafes

The news becomes more important given the context in which it takes place, as Ford factories in Almussafes and Saarlouis (Germany) battle each other to get new electric models from the multinational. The decision should come during the month of June. Germany is one of Europe’s largest auto markets – Ford’s sales there in 2021 are double the sales it recorded in Spain before the pandemic – and if the decision is finalized, it could be certain for Saarlouis’ candidacy.

Also, Ford’s ban on sales in Europe it will also spill over into Almussafes, which exports almost 90% of its production to the EU.. They did not want to make any assessment yesterday from the Valencia plant’s majority union, UGT, and assured that they remained in the expectation that the company would make a statement on the matter.

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