Craziness from ‘first dates’ when a diner goes to a party: ‘It’s costing me dearly’

Víctor showed that ‘First Dates’ give people of all kinds the opportunity to find love. This 23-year-old hotel employee came to the restaurant on the Cuatro show, introducing himself as someone who tends to be the opposite of what stereotypes describe as “normal”:I’ve always thought it’s better to be a stranger than one of the pack because there are millions of people and if you are unique, you are unique. You should know that you can be unique“.

“I think it’s much more convenient to have an open relationship since we’re not 40 at our age or have to pay for an apartment. You should have fun. We’re young and we’ll see. Giving yourself a lot in any situation with a coworker or someone you meet at a party. He will set limits on you in any situation where you want to and shut yourself up,” said the boy.

Moments later, Víctor learned that he would meet 19-year-old Nazaret from Cadiz, who, after being greeted by Carlos Sobera, describes herself as “a weird aunt”: “And what’s more, from a town. I was told I didn’t look like it from there.”

When they sat at the table reserved for them by the ‘First Dates’ restaurant, the truth is that they both took advantage of the dinner to get to know each other a little better. In fact, Víctor told Nazaret that he did not drink alcohol even when he went to the party: “I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know where I’m going. I better not drink and go home fine“.

Víctor also described what happened to him when he went to Nazareth to party with his friends: “I’m having trouble going to the bathroom at a party because I can’t do it while all my friends go to a corner, behind a tree, drop their pants and pee.

“I have a terrible habit of always keeping my hands clean. When I get them dirty, I have to clean them too,” Nazareth said. “I can’t pee on the street, I have to go to the toilet and wash my hands.”, Victor replied in the final part of the appointment and added: “Unfortunately, when they go to the bathroom to pee or don’t pee inside or don’t wash their handsor they can’t wash the cistern”.

In the last minutes of the night, the good fit between the two was decisive in ‘Final decision’ as both Víctor and Nazaret showed interest in more dates outside the ‘First Dates’ restaurant to get to know each other better. .

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