The Mostra de Teatre de Alcoy awards the most acclaimed works of the previous edition at its inception

The Mostra de Teatre de Alcoy officially launched its 31st edition this Tuesday. Recognition of the most acclaimed works in the past year. Just twelve months ago, the Agora area hosted the awards ceremony for the two performances that received the most votes from the participants. continuity between one cycle of competition and another. nautilus”as a favorite game for kids, L’abraçada dels cucsbecame well-known works for the general public.

Miquel Santamaria, director of Mostra, “acted as support” the value it represents for these works and for the Alcoyan theater cycle as a reference in the field of dramaturgy. It also influenced the release of the second of these programs on Mostra in 2021 and welcomed the fact that both “happened”. bowling all year“, because that reflects the great success of the two. And in both cases, he emphasized that his presence at this festival was his background.

on the part of the job nautilusHe received an actor award from La Negra company juli sangconfirmed that the show has not stopped progressing in different stages over the past year and as a result satisfaction for the whole team. On your own behalf Paula LlorensWriter L’abraçada dels cucsreceived the award for this work performed by Cactus Teatre. The playwright thanked the fact that “Mostra trusted our show” to premiere here last year, and also citing the argument of the winning text, “it’s a necessary thing to laugh at this story and life and talking about mental health saves lives“.

At the official opening of 2022 Mostra memory For the festival Sagunt a Escena and the director of the Teatres de la Generalitat, Juanvi Martinez Lucianopassed away a few weeks ago. Later, the room hosted the performance of the work. beautiful flyby the company La Calórica. Likewise, the Calderón Theater hosted an adaptation of Julio Llamazares’ novel. yellow rain, with the company Corral de García. Show money addictsAlcoy closes sessions at IVAM CADA this Monday with comedian from Xavi Castillo.

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