Ophthalmologists create the first drops for the treatment of cataracts

Eye drops for the treatment of cataracts were created by ophthalmologists from Anglia Ruskin University. They talked about drugs in an article in the magazine Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

VP1-001 drops contain oxysterol, a derivative of cholesterol. Experiments on mice reduced lens opacity in 46% of experimental rodents. Oxysterol restored the structure of the lens, improving vision.

“Healing has occurred in certain types of cataracts, but not in all cases. This suggests that when developing drugs for cataracts, it is necessary to distinguish between the types,” the researchers added.

Today, cataracts are only treated surgically. Even if the drops are effective in only a fraction of cases, this will make the treatment more accessible and comfortable.

Source: Gazeta


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