The expert explained what targets the USA pursues while supplying LNG to Europe

Andrey Konoplyanik, Advisor to the General Manager of Gazprom Export LLC and member of the RAS Scientific Council for Systems Research in the Energy Sector: DEA News”The US strategy for liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to Europe aims to achieve two main goals – to divert Russian energy supplies from Europe and to weaken Europe’s competitiveness through higher energy costs and a new wave of refugees.

According to the expert, since most of the shale gas liquefaction plants are located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, it is more logistically profitable for the United States to enter the European market than Asia. The road to Europe.

ÔÇťOther things being equal, Europe is the preferred market for US LNG. But here it is losing its competition to Russian pipeline gas. “This means that this largest and cheapest supplier must be eliminated, then prices in Europe will rise and US LNG sales to the EU will be profitable,” he said.

Based on this, according to the expert, the first task for the US market is to remove Russia from the energy map of Europe.

At the same time, replacing cheap pipeline gas from the Russian Federation with expensive US LNG will lead to an increase in the cost of the energy component of European costs and directly worsen the competitiveness of European products on the world market. The expert added that another indirect mechanism that weakens Europe’s competitiveness is the emergence of internal problems that will lead to a food crisis, such as the refugee problem in the EU.

According to the new mandate of the European Commission, while European companies can open accounts with Gazprombank, they have to make their payments in dollars or euros and declare that they have fulfilled their contractual obligations. But EU members are unhappy that the new guideline does not make it clear whether these companies can open a ruble account. Read more – In the material “”.

Source: Gazeta


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