Togo eliminates at least fifteen “aggressors” during a “terrorist attack”

The Togo Government reported this Wednesday at least fifteen “aggressors” were killed in a “terrorist attack” processed in the north of the country last week and meanwhile They died eight soldiers and 13 injured.

“About fifteen assailants were killed in the terrorist attack that took place last week in Kpékpankandji, Kpendjal province,” Togo Security Minister Damehame Yark reported by the newspaper ‘Republique Togolaise’. “The head of state has given strict instructions not to give these people even an inch of our land,” the minister said, adding that the bodies were recovered by “militiamen” to be buried on the other side of the border. in Burkina Faso.

In particular, the Sahel region and now increasingly the Gulf of Guinea, priority for al-Qaeda-linked organizations and There has been a significant increase in attacks since 2015 in Burkina Faso, which operates in the region, especially ISIS.

Source: Informacion


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