Russians started to slaughter their cats more often

The demand for the services of specialists in pet care has increased in Russia. According to a study of the Avito Services service by, in April 2022 they applied to professionals 38% more often than in 2021.

“According to our data, people are more likely to search for pet care assistants online. This is largely due to the increase in the number of pets in Russian families in recent years. In addition, care services have become more accessible thanks to online platforms and the ability to quickly search for suitable specialists, ‘ said Ivan Chulkov, head of marketing projects at Avito Services.

The dynamics of demand for the help of specialists in the care of cats and dogs are not the same. In the first case, interest in their services increased by 29%, in the second – 21%.

In the case of cats, the most sought after specialists were veterinarians (+72%) and caregivers (+60%). Also, users of the platform were 36% more likely than last year to use the services of zoonanny, a person caring for a pet in the absence of the owner.

Dog owners are more likely to enlist the help of trainers (demand increased by 34%) and sinologists (+37%). The number of people who rely on other people to walk their dogs has also increased – walkers are called 26% more often.

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Source: Gazeta


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