Whitney Henriquez, sister I heard amberrevealed this Wednesday that he witnessed Johnny Depp hitting the actress in the face multiple times. During an argument that took place in the couple’s loft in March 2015. Henriquez thus corroborated his sister’s testimony before the Fairfax court (Virginia, USA), where Depp’s defamation action against Heard was settled. .

According to Henriquez’s story, the player had a fight with Heard that day, they both yelled at each other and Heard attacked his ex-partner as well as beat him. “Don’t hit my sister.” This is how Heard defended HenrĂ­quez, who added that the security guard had to separate them when Depp called them “damn whores”.

During this trial, Depp had spoken before about the “staircase incident,” as those who followed the case know. In his version, he avoided talking about whether he had hit the sisters and claimed to be “real”. victim of an attack” which left his face bruised. Later, security guard Travis McGivern made the following statement: Coincided with the narrative of events presented by Depp. Heard has already testified in this trial that he hit Depp that day to protect his sister, but that Depp caught him in the back of the head and repeatedly hit him in the face.

This episode was also analyzed in a previous libel case the former partner already had in the UK in 2020. Then, Henriquez stated the same thing, and the judge ruled that Depp had ruled both on that occasion and in many other cases. others attacked Heard. On April 11, this second legal battle began between Depp and Heard, in which the actor accused him of defamation and demanded $50 million in damages for an article he published in the Washington Post in 2018 following his divorce. She claimed she had been subjected to “domestic violence”.