Doctors link estrogen levels to risk of death from COVID-19

Doctors from the University of Southampton in England learned that the female sex hormone estrogen affects survival from COVID-19. They talked about it in a magazine article. family practice.

Men, on average, are more severely ill with COVID-19 and more likely to die from the disease. In previous studies, scientists have attributed this to differences in hormone levels – especially younger women with higher estrogen levels are less likely to experience complications from COVID-19.

The study’s authors gathered information on nearly 2 million women over the age of 18, of whom 5,451 had COVID-19. The risk of death was 22% lower in people who took hormone replacement therapy containing estrogen-containing drugs or took oral contraceptives at the time of illness.

“This study supports the theory that estrogen may offer some protection against severe COVID-19,” the authors write.

What remains to be seen is what estrogen levels should be to protect as much as possible against infection and whether hormonal therapy will be effective for men with COVID-19.

Source: Gazeta


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