We are looking for more and more comfort in our home and home automation It is found in many homes. Technology makes some of our daily tasks easier for us, such as connecting a device or automating some home functions.


  • Four Ikea shoe racks to create the perfect hallway

  • Four Ikea curtains to decorate your home for less than 15 euros

In this case we are talking about smart blinds ikea. You won’t have to climb on them yourself (they don’t actually have a string to do so) since they’re controlled with a small remote or remote. IKEA Smart Home app. This will allow you to regulate the entrance of the light in a very simple way.

This will bring comfort to your bedroom and you won’t have to worry about raising or lowering them if you don’t want to, because you have the option to program them so they can do it on their own at a given time. You can also create several groups of blinds so that they do everything at once.

Another feature of these blinds is: they are completely opaque and block the entry of light, so if you don’t have blinds or don’t want to download them, you won’t need any more. Its dark gray color makes it easily interpretable with almost any decorative style.

Blackout curtains Ikea | You can control it by remote control or your mobile phone. IKEA SPAIN

How do Ikea smart blinds work?

This fyrtur They have a .. remote control and a repeater (sold separately), so if you want the wireless functions to work, it must be plugged into a power outlet located approximately 10 meters from the sunshades. It also has a Braunit battery as a power source. The package also includes a battery for the remote control, a rechargeable battery and a battery charger. All you need are screws to hang it.

Fyrtur blinds are guaranteed for five years and are 124.3 cm wide (box) and 195 long. The blind is 120 centimeters wide and remember that it is not possible to cut it. its price 159 euros.

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Reviews on the Ikea website give it 4.1 out of 5. The main comments refer to the fact that these are completely opaque, but there are divided opinions between those who find it easy to sync and those who don’t. They also stress that it has no screws and being able to control it by voice is not compatible with Alexa.