Biologists have observed the extraordinary strategy of rapid hunting of beaked whales in the deep sea.

An international team of biologists has obtained new data on the hunting behavior of the arch-toothed whales of Sowerby, a little-known species of beaked whale. mesoplodon bidens, – By attaching special sensors to their backs with the help of suction cups. The scientists’ preliminary results show that these whales, more like dolphins, lead a very different lifestyle from their related species. An article has been published on this Journal of Experimental Biology.

These marine mammals, like a number of related mesoplodon whale species, can make record dives, regularly visiting depths of up to several kilometers during hours-long hunting trips in search of deep-sea squid and fish. Little was known about their behavior due to their infrequent appearance on the surface. The sensors on Sowerby’s belt teeth had never been fitted before.

It has now emerged with swimming and hunting strategies. mesoplodon bidens It is very different from other mesoplodon species, being slower and less energetic. At the same search depth of 800-1300 m, Sowerby’s belt teeth swim continuously and quickly, making short deep dives with the active use of echolocation with higher click frequency. All this may indicate that mesoplodon whales are capable of using a much more diverse range of deep-sea niches than previously thought, and that the sea depths are ready to provide them with quite rich hunting grounds. In general, predatory cetaceans have developed a wide variety of previously unknown specific strategies to hunt most efficiently.

Source: Gazeta


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