Green employment to reduce unemployment

The ‘explosion’ in renewable energies, with electricity prices increasing rapidly with the end of the curfew, revealed a significant lack of qualified labor in the sector. Self-consumptive panel installation companies, or construction companies specializing in solar farms, have for some time condemned a situation that has been made worse by having to compete with residential construction, where private operators are also scarce for many of these professionals.

It is a shortcoming that can be an opportunity for many unemployed who can leave this situation behind if they receive the necessary training. This is the target set by the Akdeniz Foundation, which received a grant of 150,000 Euros from the Ministry of Ecological Transition to provide 400 hours of free education to the unemployed.

The project focuses on education in thermal, photovoltaic and wind installations and also has the support of the Fundación Biodiversidad, the Empleaverde Program and the European Social Fund (ESF).

Environmental Education Center Los Molinos de Crevillent.

It is a free action that is a part of the social activity plan of the foundation, chaired by Luis Boyer, and provides participants with quality education and employment opportunities in the energy sector. The theoretical-practical course will start on 30 May and will end in November 2022. It will be processed in person at the Los Molinos Environmental Education Center owned by the institution in the municipality of Crevillent.

The aim is to train 20 to 30 unemployed people to join the workforce as designers, technicians, operators and/or responsible assistants in solar, photovoltaic and wind plants for both residential consumption and renewable energy use.

As they explain from the institution, the initiative is part of a line of work initiated by the Mediterranean Foundation as a result of the creation of the Crevillent electricity cooperative’s Enercoop Group and the Green Employment Observatory in the town. the hall of this city.

A project by the Economic Research Institute of Alicante Province (Ineca) that started with an analysis that highlights the importance of this sector and the employment opportunities it will create in the future. Given the avalanche of new solar farm projects being undertaken by governments or the proliferation of facilities self-consumption, it is already a study that highlights the importance of renewable energies in the region’s short-term gain, as can be seen today.

As a result of this work, the Akdeniz Foundation has launched other courses to train experts, for example, in the management of construction waste.

In the training that will start this month on renewable energies, the course is 400 hours in total, distributed from Monday to Friday between May and November 2022. The training will take place both at CEMA de los Molinos and at solar, thermal and wind energy organizations and facilities. The applications will be carried out at the cooperating energy cooperative Enercoop.

Education is supported by the Empleaverde Programme, a government project that supports actions aimed at creating jobs and companies in economic sectors linked to environmental protection. Registration will close on Friday, May 20.

The project is part of Fundación Mediterráneo’s goals to align growth and economic progress with sustainability.

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