3 arrested in Valencia for killing ‘courier’ who smoked 97 balls of cocaine

Investigation started a year ago death of a ‘courier’ or ‘mule’ Dominican Republic what was there swallowed 97 capsules cocaine While staying at a hotel in Alzira to introduce them in Spain, he was shut down when one of the cannons exploded just as he started to feel unwell, and the person who allegedly financed the drug shipment was arrested in the same city.

The operation carried out by the Alzira-Algemesi police station, Arrest of a man and a woman in September that they thought were responsible for collecting the mail, arranging the trip, and purchasing the medicine. The 47-year-old deceased had 97 capsules of high-purity cocaine in his stomach. weight of about a thousand gramsAs reported by the National Police on Friday.

This Three detainees aged between 28 and 43As Levante-EMV learned, both the courier and the couple who organized the shipment are of Spanish nationality, despite their Dominican descent. National Police, a reckless homicide and other Public health.

Events accelerated last May when a hotel in the Tisneres de Alzira estate warned that a customer was suffering from cocaine use. The person involved recognized the National Police patrol who responded to the call for help. His stomach was full of cocaine acorns and he had probably opened some of them. from them. When the ambulance arrived to take him to the Hospital de la Ribera, agents offered him first aid, where he was accepted under the protection of the security forces until his death.

The ‘courier’ had stayed at this hotel. take out the balls and deliver the goods.

The investigation, initiated by Udyco from the Alzira police station, by monitoring cell phones as well as house calls in both the hotel room and the deceased’s home, allowed the agents to establish their identity. partner’s responsibility In “Mule” recruitment, organization of the trip, purchase of medicine and all logistics.

The arrest of the two persons in question occurred in September, but the agents suspected that they did not have the financial capacity to cover the entire operation, so they continued the investigation, which was closed with the arrest of the person who financed the shipment. , from Alzira, as the alleged perpetrator of reckless manslaughter and crimes against public health.

Source: Informacion


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