Roskosmos will not put its cosmonaut on the American spacecraft Starliner

In an interview with Dmitry Rogozin, Managing Director of Roscosmos Corporation, he said: “Russia 24”He said that cosmonauts from Russia will not fly with the American spacecraft Boeing Starliner.

“First time it crashed. Second time I could never fly. Now they will try to launch it, but we will definitely not put any of our astronauts on it. We can’t risk their lives,” he said.

Rogozin said that NASA is actively proposing to do so-called “cross flights” – when an American cosmonaut was on the Soyuz MS crew and a Russian cosmonaut was on the Crew Dragon spacecraft. At the same time, the head of Roskosmos added that the device of the entrepreneur Elon Musk has a number of problems, and therefore the Russian authorities are afraid to accept the US offer in this form of space flights.

“That’s one side of the issue. The second thing is that we rely on our ships. Musk’s ship has major problems, including a malfunction of the sewer system. <...>this is a life support system, this is not a joke, if these malfunctions continue, it is difficult for us to make a cross-flight decision for now, send our daughter to their ship, ”the statement said.

Also, according to Rogozin, American cosmonauts have a desire not to “lose their flying skills” on ships from Russia.

Previously on Roscosmos saidHe said that during the observation aboard the International Space Station, Russian cosmonauts will focus on biomedical experiments.

Source: Gazeta


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