The missing 6-year-old girl from Madrid is found in her grandparents’ town of Navarrese.

After making a complaint, agents managed to contact her mother a few hours ago.and confirmed that the girl was enrolled in the town of Cascantes, Navarran on April 27, and has since been enrolled in school and has been discharged from Health.

Father Juan Manuel Márquez received him from Colegio Santa María del Carmen in Madrid’s La Concepción district on May 5, her daughter Carla, like her brother, who was the son of another relative of her mother, had not attended class for 10 days.

Juan Manuel currently lives on the island of Tenerife for work. He broke up with his daughter’s mother in 2018, but they haven’t made the separation or divorce official since then.Therefore, as there is no provision, the custody of the little girl belongs to both parents, even if the girl lives with her mother and her new spouse.

After being informed by the College who said it would start complaint of absenteeism from schoolr, the father tried to contact his ex-wife and his daughter’s maternal grandmother, but without success, so he reported what had happened on the 5th at the Civil Guard barracks in Candelaria, Tenerife.

Moreover, Contacted SOS Lost Association, A public alert to call Carla yesterday, something that has been buzzed on social networks and media. Thereupon, the mother reported the little girl’s condition to the Civil Guard.

After what happened the father announced that he will blame his daughter’s father and grandmother for what happened and possible falsification of a document to enroll her in the Navarra school. He will also claim custody of them and ask them. compensation for the lost days and still not being able to let him talk to Carla.

Source: Informacion


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