They catch a man in ‘franganti’ who is about to start a forest fire in Zamora

This Civil Guard from Zamora continued Investigation of a Portuguese national, What alleged perpetrator of a wildfire crime. the person mentioned caught “red-handed”By components of the post Civil Guard of lubianat that time He was about to begin a new focus.

The Civil Guard intensified its work in coordination with the Environmental Representatives of each of the districts. prevention and investigation work In various parts of Zamora province, especially High Sanabria and more specifically Hermisende, San Ciprián or Lubian among others, as they are considered Areas susceptible to forest fires.

For this reason and in accordance with the provisions of the Forest Fire Prevention and Action Order issued by the Zamora Civil Guard Command for this year, Prevention efforts intensify in border regions with neighboring countriesIn collaboration with the Portuguese Republican National Guard.

After the operation begins, they observed a plume of smoke in an area where access is difficult and the border with Portugal, where there are two fire explosions, the so-called writer instantly try to cause a third try Forest fire.

This rapid agent responsewas able to prevent the rapid spread of the fire, extinguished on its own, on this occasion it did not need the support of the Junta de Castilla y León Fire Fighting Service.

This the person being investigated as the alleged author presented to the Magistrates CourtFirst Degree number 1 of Puebla de Sanabria.

On behalf of Seprona and in cooperation with the Junta de Castilla y León Fire Brigade in Zamora, The investigation continues to determine whether the investigation is related to other forest fires. occurred in the same area.

Source: Informacion


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