Andorra’s thermal towers are long gone

just five seconds. enough time for it. controlled explosion of three cooling towers of thermal Andorraclosed almost two years agoit means the disappearance of a person. icon industry coal It has been the region’s main source of wealth and employment over the last 40 years.

Endesa, the owner of the facilities, 275 kilos of dynamite blow them up 104 meter high moles and close 40,000 tons of weightA massive explosion of technical complexity that marked a milestone in the changing era in which much of the province of Teruel lived.

The destruction of these huge structures changes the landscape of all historic Lower AragonBecause they can be seen from miles away on the horizon.

The destruction of this industrial emblem full of symbolism for residents for the meaning that this region has.

Besides the magnificent nature of the images, a A final farewell to a way of life built around Coal This has already ceased to exist without the promised just transition to a new economy that has yet to happen.

Therefore, those who populate these lands experience feelings of nostalgia, surrender, and a certain sadness, but at the same time, there is a growing halo of hope each time they begin. loom investments open job which can mean an opportunity for prosperity.

still left on foot The other great symbol of the plant is the 343-meter chimney.It is considered the second tallest building in all of Spain, whose demolition is expected to occur at the beginning of 2022.

Everything went according to plan. After a ten-second countdown, pronounced with the Italian accent, the country of origin of Endesa’s group Enel, the explosives were triggered on time, at 11:30.

function of towers

The three hyperboloid-shaped towers are identical in their measurements and geometric features, with a diameter of 83 meters at their base and 50.7 meters at the top. had built Between 1978 and 1979 in concrete and each weighed 12,577 tons. They were a key component of the steam generation cycle that moved turbines to generate electricity. Its function consisted of: cold hot water comes from the capacitors of the power generation groups.

The blast was also a technical milestone as it was the first blast to be carried out with three towers simultaneously in Spain. In this sense, a comprehensive procedure has been designed to ensure this action is carried out. absolute conditions of safety and effectiveness.

Previously, preparatory and decontamination studies were carried out. 6 thousand tons of asbestos entered the interior and insulation (descaled), some tasks performed following the strict processes set out in the applicable regulations regarding this hazardous waste.

This dismantling and demolition project Thermal to start working on the field on February 25, 2021. An operation of great technical complexity that mobilizes enormous resources. In jobs with a budget of 60 million, an average of 140 workers will be employed until 2025.

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